Thank you for your interest in writing for the Dance Cry Dance Break podcast. We are an audio zine format that features the songs of indie artists alongside original stories inspired by them. We have completed our first season and are launching submissions for Season 2. Please listen to a few episodes to get a feel for the format. In order to submit, please choose a song or short album (EP) from the attached list (only one at a time*) and create a new, original work of flash fiction, flash creative non-fiction, or prose poetry (4-8 minutes spoken, roughly 800-1,500 words) inspired by the music. The songs on the list are in no particular order and will be featured when we find the right story. The playlist will be updated regularly, so if there’s nothing here that strikes your fancy, check back again every so often to see what we’ve added. Individual artists will read all pieces inspired by their own songs and, with the assistance of the editorial team, select one to accompany the song on the podcast.

The submission will remain open until we have selected stories for all songs. Once production on the the season is complete, episodes will be released once a month.

Inspiration Songs

 Please do not share this playlist outside of Submittable as some songs have not yet been released to the public. Thank you!

 We look forward to submissions from any and all writers, but it helps if you enjoy indie music.  Since each episode is short and intimate and the two works overlap, we want both artists and writers to be comfortable with the material they’ve been paired with. Simultaneous submissions are accepted, but please contact us for withdrawal as soon as possible if you accept a placement elsewhere.

$50 + 1 point profit share of subscription revenue of release cycle.

Response time:
 We will do our best to respond to your submission within 30 days.

 *You may submit for as many songs as you like, but please wait for a decision on a submitted piece before submitting a new one.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.